Book Review: Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger

For Wilfred Thesiger, the author of ARABIAN SANDS, it was about the fire in his belly to create the future…a future which would be a lasting testament for global utilization. Thus, Thesiger shared his joys; shared his challenges on the whole – on a large scale. Chances are that, he probably might have recalled other great explorers who had understood insights – related to their travels. On his part, Thesiger had the same fervor and the continuous thrust to acquire more and more understanding of his journeys. The understanding also meant that he wanted to document the facts.

Thesiger’s experience and knowledge of the Arabian region, heritage, backdrop and warfare was astounding. Before him, no other traveler – apart from the Bedu had dared to cross the hostile wastes.

ARABIAN SANDS is very precious narration about theimmeasurable will Thesiger possessed. Equally, he felt itto be his duty to pass on his knowledge to society. The book is one to lift the most damp spirits.

‘A masterpiece…’
- Richard Holmes, The Times

‘Wilfred Thesiger is perhaps the last, and certainly
one of the greatest of the British travelers among Arabs…’
- Sir John Glubbs, Sunday Times

‘Following worthily in the tradition of Burton, Doughty, Lawrence, Philby and
Thomas, it is, very likely, the book about Arabia to end all books about Arabia.’
- Lord Kinross, Daily Telegraph

ARABIAN SANDS (Centenary Edition) is published by Motivate Publishing.

Geeta Chhabra


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