Film Review: Before the Flood by Leonardo DiCaprio

Before the Flood deals with the realities of climate change. It is an insightful documentary focusing on the looming issue of climate change – an issue which is being neglected by many of our world leaders and policy-makers.  Before the Flood is an eye-opener, warning us that if we do not make some swift amends, disaster awaits us – much sooner than we can imagine.  The film will definitely leave the viewer with a much wider perspective. Of course, a lot of us see the grim reality of climate change, but after seeing the film the scenes make us realize the scale of damage we are causing, collectively and individually to our planet.


With Leonardo DiCaprio at the centre of the film, it is immediately obvious that the actor is deeply concerned and passionate to repair the situation which stares at us with some frightening facts.  The facts are: Ice is melting. Sea levels are rising. Irrational weather patterns are happening, world-wide.  Flooding is taking place in different continents, submerging and eroding territories of land. The feature-length documentary film offers crucial as well as current information to spread awareness on the issues of climate change. It is apparent that actor Leonardo DiCaprio is a devoted environmentalist.  He travelled to zones where hundreds of cubic kilometers of ice have melted in record time; he has gone to regions of drought and floods; from the destruction of rainforests, and the disintegration of the coral reef, Before the Flood projects a very comprehensive view on the situation of climate change. 


Leonardo DiCaprio has presented a very level-headed film; he proves his own commitment to the cause first by presenting the problems & then suggesting some useful solutions to curb the vagaries of climate change.  Before the Flood is a 2016 documentary, directed by Fisher Stevens, who has worked for 30 years in the entertainment industry.  He won the Documentary Feature Oscar for 2010's The Cove.


The film captures a three-year personal journey of U.N. Messenger of Peace and Academy Award-winning actor. Leonardo DiCaprio is meeting and interviewing people from developing nations and developed nations to understand what can be done to prevent environmental disasters.  

Geeta Chhabra


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