Book Review: Poems From The Desert by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The book: Poems From The Desert by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum possesses freshness about identity and belonging.  The Ruler of Dubai & Vice-President of UAE as a poet, retraces his strong roots and loyalty to the desert.  As is well-known – poetry has been a lifelong passion for him.  His pen flows naturally due to the sensitivity of his heart.  On whatever subject he writes, he produces the lines in a mature manner.  Sincerity is evident.  Passion is revealed.  The poems are in a way like a personal memoir steeped with frankness.


There are love poems (One Still Night is a typical example); some verses drizzle with romance, the others are soaked in lamentation, or, yearning.  The Old Man, comes in another category – revealing the portrait of old age with strong emotions.  This vision of the ‘old man’ is incarnated in the poem. 


Surely, it is apparent that the natural beauty of the desert, its rugged strength must have also helped the author to nurture the skills of his pen. 


All these natural phenomena combine to make the volume as something real… so real… like the verse has gone through the test of fire.  This quality is visible through the entire volume.


The poet’s deep respect and affection for his great mentor – Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan shows amply in the poem: Zayed.  The poet is determined to show in the most valiant manner the shining character of Sheikh Zayed.  As a sample, the following lines from the poem, Zayed,  are the clear proof:


With all that I am or could hope to be,
My heart, if the world should end, would begin with you.


Your essence even when you are not there,
Rises above your people and I.


When every form of poetry failed to portray you,
I tried to search for flaws within you.


Yet the truth on your face, was clear and apparent,
With honour it was filled and nobility supreme…


The books by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum are:
Poems From The Desert.
40 Poems From The Desert – 2011.
My Vision – 2006.
Flashes of Thought – 2013.
Spirit Of The Union – 2013.


All the books are published by Motivate Publishing.

Geeta Chhabra

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