Book Review: Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani

Set in South Pakistan, BLASPHEMY – the novel is inspired by a true story of a young girl trapped in the cruelest cage of distorted religious beliefs. Heer is the young girl – married to a tyrant who rules not over her only, but also on a large clan of poor, helpless people trapped by their unfortunate circumstances.

Pir Sain pretends to be a man of God, but, actually he is a demon by nature. The Shrine is his domain of evil, and by the system of inheritance, he is the head of the Shrine.

BLASPHEMY by Tehmina Durrani is explosive, and makes the readers give up the idea of sleep. The accounts in the book are chilling, and the reader can get troubled looking at the dark ‘present’ of societies. Worldwide, there are fake, dangerous humans in the guise of saints. In the fraudulent holy man’s Shrine, day and night, the meaning of God is lost.

Tehmina Durrani made her sensational literary debut in 1991 with her controversial autobiography: My Feudal Lord.

BLASPHEMY buzzes with reality – the reality that the masses are brutally exploited by ignorance and superstitious beliefs.

‘The enduring impression of the book is its sustained capacity to shock the reader…You turn the pages, compelled to read on’
- Biblio

‘Durrani has dared breach the one area that remains taboo for most citizens of Islamic countries: the powerful mullah-pir community and their, permission of the Prophet’s word’
- Hindu

Geeta Chhabra

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