Book Review: BOATS ON LAND by Janice Pariat

BOATS ON LAND – is a collection of short stories by Janice Pariat, published by Random House India. The stories are absorbing, identifying strongly with India’s northeast culture, and the early days of the British Raj. After all, the author is from Shillong – she is a person who spends most of her time walking in the streets of her region – spotting scenes that later on turn into perfect pieces of her creative ability. Yes, indeed, she is a writer to watch out for.

BOAT ON LAND offers the reader a subtle, authentic experience to the era when ‘bilati men’ (white men) occupied India; the adventurous spirit doubled with ambition took the British to remote areas of countryside through forested hills and dirt tracks. Janice Pariat weaves facts with the most telling grace – each story has its own original essence. A Waterfall of Horses, in this book relates the sense of deepest ideas of the author. Inventing a range of plots – all the short stories are interesting. This is Janice Pariat’s first book.

Geeta Chhabra

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