Book Review: DUBAI CREEK by Narain R. Sawlani

Narain R. Sawlani is a businessman whose world also speaks through his passion for photography.  One needs to put in so much time, more specifically, when an activity goes beyond a ‘hobby’.  This is exactly how the book: DUBAI CREEK has evolved. 


Narain R. Sawlani came to Dubai in 1958, and it was here that he became strongly involved with photography.  In his own words, he says:  ‘Photography was my passion.  When I was 10 years old, in 1948, I asked my father for a camera.  It was Kodak’s Brownie Reflex.  Dubai being a free port, I was encouraged to import Yashika Camera.  In fact, I was the first person in Dubai to get this camera, and that was decades ago.’


DUBAI CREEK by Narain R. Sawlani is a wonderful (coffee table) book with photographs of the past and present – covering how Dubai was, and how it has developed.  Through the efforts of his photographic work, the reader gets an insight into the historic background of the UAE.  The photographs capture decades of development in this region; his camera has built an impressive collection of the waterfront on the Deira side of the Creek; the book contains government structures, hotels, skyscrapers, old buildings retained from the past, boats sailing in water, and much more.  The images carry details and clarity. 


Introduction letter by H.H. Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum is full of warmth – appreciating the book which merges Narain R. Sawlani’s skills with the camera to create a memorable work recording the times of Dubai. 


Narain R. Sawlani has acknowledged the name of Stephen Bremner in the book. 


Explorer is the publisher of DUBAI CREEK.



Geeta Chhabra

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