Book Review: Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father – his remarkable life story in his own words is an international best seller.  The book pioneers real depth of the son of a black African father and a white American mother.  As the journey of the son (Obama’s) criss-crosses, he produces a real and a frank account of his times from the journey.  Every line is revealing pregnancy with meaning, Barack Obama’s style is racy and refreshing.


The author retraces the migration of his mother’s family from Kansas to Hawai and then to his childhood home in Indonesia.


This book can inspire people because the facts revealed in the book have the significance and the meaning of courage.  The bitter truth of his father’s life and the psychological understanding required needed goodness and maturity.  The author displayed both the qualities to move on with his life.


Before Barack Obama entered the political arena, among other things, he was a writer.  Dreams From My Father weaves with precision the facts which came with the authors inheritance.  The book reveals the portrait of a young man asking the crucial queries about his identity and roots.  The descriptions in the book recount the narratives with keen intelligence.


The critics have hailed the book with the following comments.


‘Consciously or not, Obama has placed his book in a literary tradition of political prose that goes back to another master of the American language: Abraham Lincoln.’
                                                                                    Observer, Paperback of the Year


‘A remarkable story, beautifully told.’

Robert McCrum, Observer


‘Extraordinary… truly moving… Obama is a born narrator, with a mastery of colour, scene and personality.’

Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times


‘Light years ahead of his rivals’ books.  Obama writes in lucid prose, enlivened with colourful details’.

New Statesman


‘Offers readers on this side of the Atlantic a window not just into the mind of one of America’s most exciting politicians but into the political landscape of the post-Bush era.’

David Lammy, Guardian


‘Whatever else people expect from a politician, it’s not usually a beautifully written personal memoir steeped in honesty.  Barack Obama has produced one.’

Oona King, The Times

Geeta Chhabra

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