Book Review For Love and Honour by Anand Ranganathan.

Who is wrong in wars? Who is right in a conflict? Terms, such as, militants, martyrdom, treason, traitors, heroes, victims, villains... can carry different meanings for different people.

For Love and Honour by Anand Ranganathan is a novel, covering the ground reality of the above terms. The gripping storyline leaves the reader to decide on some of the conclusions, thus, making the work, a fascinating piece of fiction based on certain realities.


The novel begins with the year 1983; the second chapter returns to the year of 1966. The plot is mainly woven between these years – touching the year of 1986, when on June 30, Government of India declared amnesty, whereby, the state governments of Assam and Mizoram could set some prisoners freed from jail terms.  On that day, for Norden from Carlington's tea estate, his life was going to take one more turn!


The author's creativity has spun a gripping tale of history, mystery, romance and crime. It can be called a thriller novel, unfolding the core character of human nature. The pages are rich in suspense, especially, the end being so surprising! When a book lives on in your memory, asking you questions, it means the work was valuable. Anand Ranganathan's book, For Love and Honour makes it to this honest category.


Anand Ranganathan is an astute writer, who is successful in describing the burning situation in Aizawl – the capital of Mizoram.  MNF banners showed their mood with angered slogans displaying: Bloody Indians Quit.  He is equally brilliant in etching the isolation and solitude of a tea estate.  The maple trees, the water gurgling down upon stones and pebbles... and the Sen family living in their cages of destiny are sadly magical by tune. When Captain Mehra joins them, the events lead the reader to a tunnel of intrigue and information. Rahul Schimer's role seizes you right from the start.  You can't forget Daniel, either. Of course! One can't miss out on the birds who crash to death, every year in Jatinga-Assam. There is much more than all this, to absorb. The two sisters – Ipsita and Indrani, stand there in the readers mind, staring and remembering their father-Rai Bahadur.


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Anand Ranganathan is a consulting editor & columnist.

Geeta Chhabra

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