Book Review of Maximum City by Suketu Mehta

Maximum City – Bombay lost & found, is a book which I could not leave till I had finished reading Suketu Mehta’s description of Mumbai – up to the last page. Suketu Mehta left the city at the age of fourteen. Twenty-one years later he returned to rediscover the place. The result is this stunning, brilliantly illuminating portrait of the megalopolis and its people – a book that is as vast, as diverse, as rich in experience, incident and sensation as the city itself. Pulitzer Prize Finalist, Winner of the Kiriyama Prize for Non-fiction, Maximum City is simply brilliant with hard core facts. For all the qualitative reason, it is profound in effect.

‘Extraordinary… the best book yet written about that great, ruined metropolis’ – Salman Rushdie

‘A gripping, compellingly readable account of a love affair with a city: I couldn’t put it down’ – Amitav Ghosh

‘Narrative reporting at its finest, probably the best work of non-fiction to come out of India in recent years… Mehta succeeds so brilliantly in taking the pulse of this riotous urban jungle.’ – New York Times Book Review

‘Maximum City’ is billed as non-fiction, but it has the intensity and vividness of fiction... one of the truly great debut books to come out in India.’ – Business Standard

‘A seething, rumbling, deeply compassionate break-dance of a book’ – Hindu

Geeta Chhabra

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