Book Review: Messages From The Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss

Messages From The Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss explains how we are reborn again and again in our next stage of reincarnation. The author re-endorses the belief that the soul is eternal – it is the body that becomes old and dies… only to be recycled again.


According to the author, the word ‘death’ applies to the physical aspect, and not to the spiritual aspect.  Dr. Brian explains with first-hand-accounts of people who come to his clinic for regression… regression that takes such people into their past lives; some of the past lives take the ‘patients’ to hundreds and hundreds of years back – when one of them was a farmer, or, a soldier, or, a monastic, and so on.


Does it mean that upon death of a person, the soul travels from an old body to a new body?  Yes, according to the book, it is exactly so.  According to the author, our physical body has only one-time-existence: we come to earth to learn our lessons, and remove layer by layer the shroud of ignorance.  The subject of rebirth occupies a very vital space in Dr. Brian Weiss’s studies.  He believes, in essence, what Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism assert.


Dr. Brian Weiss has reflected on his firm faith by writing important books, and Messages From The Masters is one among his collection.  Dr. Brian Weiss demonstrates his point of view by presenting fascinating cases from his files and draws on the definite proof of those specific cases.  It appears, the author’s clinical work has transformed lives, relationships for the better – by uncovering the mysteries of: the eternal cycle of life and death.


The other books written by Dr. Brian Weiss are: Through Time Into Healing, Many Lives, Many Masters.  Basically, Dr. Brian Weiss treats disorderly traits of fear, phobia, insecurity, obesity through Regression Therapy, meaning, that the patient is taken into vivid past life case-studies to open his mind to see the reason of his current ailments.


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