Book Review: Mirza Ghalib: A Biographical Scenario by Gulzar

MIRZA GHALIB (A Biographical Scenario) by Gulzar is a book retrieving a historic and creative document – which also gives insight to the turbulent times that became an important feature of India – during the British era.

MIRZA GHALIB is based on a popular serial made by Gulzar – who is a renowned director, lyricist, poet. For anyone who believed that poetry is 'everything' – Mirza Ghalib's name is the best name for the example. Mirza Ghalib's (1797-1869) entire life was a story of star-crossed events, and most of the time, the bard was caught up in the trap of his own circumstances, with no hope of peace, or, financial stability. The book depicts his turmoil and the relationships he had within his family, and the outside world.

For those who are followers of Ghalib's poetry – MIRZA GHALIB provides readers with a perennial insight into the complex web in which Ghalib was caught. The bliss of humour and sarcasm was a funny balm that infused the man to reaffirm the human experience he shared with people who lived in his company. This is understandable, because in the words of Gulzar: writing is his first love, his passion, his junoon, his life breath!

The book begins with a glimpse, and gradually offers the whole realm of emotional bond to mystify the reader. MIRZA GHALIB demonstrates not just the poetry of Ghalib; it is a book possessing a captivating framework. More than that, the content leads us into understanding the nature of life, itself.

MIRZA GHALIB is one of the two immensely popular television serials that Gulzar has directed. Apart from verse, Gulzar writes short stories; he is a lyricist par excellence, all his works have been translated into English.

Geeta Chhabra


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