Book Review: The Diary Of A Young Girl Anne Frank By Otto H. Frank & Mirjam Pressier

The Diary Of A Young Girl Anne Frank edited by Otto H. Frank & Mirjam Pressier is a very touching account of a family living during the Second World War when Hitler was hounding the Jews. At that time, Anne Frank – the diarist was a very young girl who has given the account of her own inner eye on how it was to hide and escape – living under the constant shadow of fear of the Nazi Party which was in complete domination of putting Jews to death by the belief that Jews were to be totally eliminated from Europe.


Anne Frank and her family belonged to Frankfurt, Germany, and escaped to Amsterdam, Holland. The book is a very touching account of her experiences when she was a part of a small group which lived to see the nightmares while keeping their existence as a secret.


The book remains the single most true-life saga belonging to the Second World War. For two years, from July 1942, Anne Frank described the horrors of Nazi occupation – the pages are deeply moving.


Anne Frank documented her day-to-day life, which was to become a landmark in the chapters of history.  The book has been in circulation with an over-growing-interest among readers of all ages. The story of Anne Frank is heart rendering and inspirational. The reality is that the book is something like a trigger which arouses our conscience on many moral issues – which are in existence till today.


The hard truth is that the diary of Anne Frank could be the storyline of any of us because hatred, extreme and dark beliefs are prevalent even today.


The diary was discovered in the attic where Anne Frank had spent her last days. It was a diary which she had meant to keep it for her personal record, but later decided in her mind to share with others – once the war was over.


The diary was first published in Netherlands in June, 1945


Anne Frank lived between 1929 to 1945. She died in prison, just before turning sixteen. Tragically, she never saw the end of the war, and death came far too early for her.


The book is published by PENGUIN BOOKS.

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