Book Review: The Never Lonely Planet by Martin R. Oliver

The Never Lonely Planet by Martin Oliver is a book of many flavours. On one hand, the book is a personal record of the experiences of the author; on the other hand, the content offers the readers interesting descriptions of different lands. The author shares the multi-facets of travel, and since each of us is a traveller – the book proves to be interesting.

Directly or indirectly, The Never Lonely Planet has definitely shaped to become Martin Oliver's autobiography.

An autobiography will always touch the key areas of the person's character and personality. This book does the same. Someone who wishes to understand more about the author, will find many windows, opening. In fact, those who know Martin, already, will know of him: even more – through his book, now.

Martin Oliver's writing is natural with a spontaneous flow – offering images of Dubai, Brazil, Cambodia, Thailand dotted with his personal observations. The narrative effectively describes the travel locations.

The book definitely imparts the idea of who Martin Oliver is… the man who joined the Merchant Navy as an engineer… the man who in Brazil worked for the offshore industry, then moved to Dubai. The man… who as a young lad was told by his career officer to consider taking a job stocking the shelves in a supermarket.

The Never Lonely Planet is never lonely! Because it is written with faith and conviction.

Geeta Chhabra


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