Book Review: The Secret of God’s Son by Usha Narayanan

The Secret of God’s Son by Usha Narayanan is a book of narratives generating the beauty of philosophy through spiritual wisdom. The reader is enriched to learn how trials and tribulations are a part and parcel of mankind… how karma, curses, blessings, boons have the natural flow of reasoning behind them.


The plot of the book links to the times of the bloody Mahabharata War, and the aftermath. Another war is brewing – this time, between the two sons of Lord Krishna: Pradyumna and Samba. Queen Gandhari’s curse is looming to finish Lord Krishna’s clan and his kingdom in Dwarka. Krishna in his various dialogues with Pradyumna explains to him how the divine law prevails, and how to face life’s obstacles. As the avatar, Krishna has taken the human form to go through life’s tests like other mortals.  He is the pure example of an astute mentor and father to Pradyumna.


Pradyumna asks Krishna: “If Gandhari is to be blamed for her sons’ fate, why did you accept her curse, my lord? Why did you allow her to rage at you?”


Krishna replies: “In my quest to destroy the forces of evil, I myself have disturbed the cosmic balance. If equilibrium is not restored, the world will spin into primeval chaos, becoming the ideal hunting ground for the Kali demon. I must make amends for my actions, as must my people, who have grown proud and sinful. As the Yadus are descended from me, they cannot be destroyed except through a curse such as this. That is why I submitted to the Kuru queen.”


In another conversation with the Pradyumna, Krishna states: “There is nothing greater than Swadharma, my son, you must act according to your convictions and attain your goal despite all obstacles.  Although I had sworn not to take up my weapons, during war, when Arjuna hesitated to kill Bhishma, I leapt from my chariot, chakra in hand, ready to end Bhishma myself. It was then that Arjuna realized that he must fulfill his duty, forsaking all doubts. You too must follow your chosen path if you wish to become my weapon against adharma.”


The book has a soul – the pages are ornamented by many such dialogues which impart the acumen of supreme love, duty and intelligence. The Secret of God’s Son demonstrates that every life is happening the way it is happening – due to mankind’s past and present. Hence, every action we perform – there is bound to be a consequence.  For all of this – the meaning of Krishna’s Gita is also brilliantly described by Usha Narayanan. The complexities, the sensitivity of the matter is handled very well by her.


There are many points to consider about the author’s use of language and her ‘individual’ style of writing. It is evident that Usha Narayanan has applied to study many forms of literature. It is also apparent that she has deeply researched on her subject.  As a writer, she seems to have full mastery on the storyline.  She is a connoisseur in describing the locations, and the characters. From Krishna to Pradyumna to Adisesha to Vaikunta to the supernal realm of Shiva – her vocabulary draws the readers to the scenes very naturally.


Usha Narayanan is a full time author. She has several books to her credit, including, The Madras Mangler, and Love, Lies and Layoffs. The Secret of God’s Son is the sequel of her bestselling book, Pradyumna: Son of Krishna.


The Secret of God’s Son is published by Penguin metro reads.

Geeta Chhabra

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