Book Review: They May Catch You

The book: They May Catch You! All About Income Tax Investigations, Searches and Surveys by Vinita Chopra, is a book which is the narration of facts – resting on the basis of the lifelong career of the author. Vinita Chopra retired from the post of Director General of Income Tax in 2009.


The chapters of the book are versatile in nature. They cover a wide range of topics. From subjects on Tax Evasion to Black Money to Tax Searches to Scrutiny Assessments, Vinita Chopra goes into detail, like, the difference between: Search and Survey.  Her style is brisk and easy – making the moral motives of the book not too heavy for a layman.


The book is a handy guide for people to follow. Through the knowledge derived from the author's mind, a vast and teeming numbers will pay taxes because Vinita Chopra seems to possess the spirit of sincerity in sharing the facts in a simple, straightforward manner.


The endorsements for the book throw light through the words of some of the veterans in the field of: Income Tax.


“…an in-depth analysis of a critical subject in a simple language, making it easily comprehensible by the layman.”

– Sunita Kaila Former Member (Investigation), CBDT, New Delhi


“Ms Vinita Chopra has done great service to the tax payers by explaining so lucidly the provisions and processes of survey and search and seizure operations by the Income Tax Department. The book will also serve as a ready reckoner to income tax professionals and officials of the Income Tax Department.”
– Lakshmi Prasad, Former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Delhi


“Being an insider’s account, They May Catch You! Demystifies income tax investigations, especially for the taxpayers.  The book has immense public interest value as it powerfully drives home the point why tax evasion is neither feasible nor remunerative.”
– B P Gaur, Director General of Income Tax (Investigation), Mumbai


The book reviewed is published by VISION BOOKS.


The author has one more book to her credit: Besides the Side Effects!

Geeta Chhabra


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