Book Review: Time On Hand by Dennis John Ferado.

From simple enjoyment of Nature to human ties – Dennis John Ferado has gently button-pushed, his inner emotions to surge in the recently published book of his creative work. The book: Time On Hand grows on you – as you begin with his poems, and during the time of reading his two short stories – you will declare that it is an adorable book.


Dennis John Ferado’s book is warm and sensitive… a glorious read, really.  His first poem in the book – We were Young Lovers with its narrative power is tender and touching.


By his side, he has the treasure-chest of his childhood and growing years.  Momma’s Radio, Advice From Grandma, They Called Mom, Maggie are the proofs of his fond memories!


Sweet Breeze Over Strawberry Fields has its special charming flow.  As a poet, the author’s feelings are always attached to ‘relationships’ – engaging his temperament to delve deeper into them.  This is wholly understandable – we know that he is a poet!  It seems his pen’s response to poetry is immediate because his style of writing verse is not weighed down by any form of artificiality.


The author wonders at the mysteries of the universe – which is also not really coming as a surprise...  a true writer can never be insensitive… he will always be absorbed keenly in the mysteries of the universe.  Hence, the inclusion of the enormous variety of verse describes in great clarity and brilliance what is stored in Denis John Ferado’s heart.  Readers will enjoy the experience of his emotions.


Dennis John Ferado comes from the city of New York, originally.  Now, he resides in San Antonio – Texas; he acknowledges with great affection that the book is dedicated to his wife, Eleen – his best friend and partner.


Time On Hand is supported by photographs which lend additional charm to the diction of Dennis John Ferado. 


The book is published by Soul Asylum Poetry.

Geeta Chhabra

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