Book Review: Effective Business in the Gulf by Nicolai Tillisch

Effective Business in the Gulf by Nicolai Tillisch is a source-book of inspiration – showing how to master leadership skills for greater success. To begin with, the Foreword given by Dr. Walid Moneimne needs a fair mention for the catchy mantras, like ‘doing what is right’, aliening with ‘doing things right’; ‘say what you do’, extending to, ‘do what you say’. Author Nicolai Tillisch knows the gentleman as his work partner – readily acknowledging Dr. Walid Moneimne’s role in shaping of his book.

Effective Business in the Gulf, is designed to reach out to all members of the audience who belong to the corporate world. Nicolai Tillisch is clear with the problems, or situations that arise within and outside the realms of business. This book specifically deals with the codes of GCC – where ten years of personal experience of the author has proven to be useful in defining and refining this book. He puts it very aptly: ‘Over the last four decades, the Gulf has gone through a socio-economic development comparable to that which Europe and the United States of America took about two centuries to achieve. Over the next decade, the region’s development will appear very different from that of the previous four decades’.

Effective Business in the Gulf by Nicolai Tillisch is much more than its title. The book is attempting to use objective perception of relationships and situations encountered in life. Apart from discussing the dynamics in the Gulf, the matter of the book is offering much more to the reader.

Geeta Chhabra

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