Book Review: Good Housekeeping Home Hints by Good Housekeeping Institute

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING HOME HINTS by GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE, published by Ebury Press, London, is a treasure trove for one and all. It is about: Food and Cookery, Indoor Gardening. A Guide to Washing and Cleaning Care. The book is full of Do-It-Yourself Hints and Handy Charts dealing with measurements and temperature. It is well-worth to mention what the Foreword of the book says: The Foreword goes, thus: It is not easy to define a hint. It may spring from plain common sense, be something your mother told you, or something so strange you would never have thought of it in a thousand years. Not all hints work for all people; what one person thinks of as a wonderful time-or money-saving tip, another may sees as a tiresome complex method.

The hints in this book are based on over fifty years of experience, research and testing by the Good Housekeeping Institute. Some of the hints have been passed down over the years and still hold true today; others simplify life in a home equipped with gadgets galore. The hints embrace a broad spectrum of subjects so you’re bound to find some that will work for you, whether you operate from a rented bedsit in the heart of a city, or a mansion surrounded by acres of rolling countryside.

As usual with the Good Housekeeping Institute, all the hints in this book have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to work. If you need any help with problems around the home, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s staff will gladly answer your queries personally if you write to them at National Magazine House, 72 Broadwick Street, London W1V 2BP, enclosing a stamped, addressed envelope.

Go for it!

Geeta Chhabra

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