Book Review: The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger is truly a masterpiece, possessing the quality to take away your attention from everything else. Exceptionally well-written, the book reveals in detail the world of contrasts which dominates the way of life in India. The lucid plot through the power of linguistic detail deals with a very fair angle how the decayed ways of the “upper class” of India were and how they continue to eat into the roots of society. In one of the chapters, Aravind Adiga writes: The dreams of the rich, and the dreams of the poor – they never overlap, do they? See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich. And what do the rich dream of? Losing weight and looking like the poor…

The White Tiger is a book that contains lessons for the reader, because the incidents in it do make real stories in real life showing social, cultural, behaviour-patterns amongst individuals born from Indian ancestry. The book leaves you entertained and informed. There is wonderful narration… in parts very poignant… in parts humorous. It is not surprising that Aravind Adiga was the winner of the Man Booker Prize in 2008 for The White Tiger. His other two books are: Last Man In Tower, and Between The Assassinations.

Geeta Chhabra

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