Different Dialogues : Dr. Rajesh N Maniar

In conversation with Dr. Rajesh N Maniar – Joint Replacement Surgeon.

Educational background: M.Ch. Orth., University of Liverpool, U.K. M.S. (Orth), Bombay University, India. F.C.P.S. Orth. D. Orth – College of Physicians & Surgeons, Bombay, India. Diplomate of National Board (Orth) – Delhi, India. Fellow, Joint Replacement, New York & Boston, U.S.A.

An interviewer, if he were not to know Dr. Rajesh Maniar, might think he is a chief – representing an acclaimed international banking organization. Striking a characteristic note of his patent dress code: the immaculately cut suit reinforced by a smart tie, the joint replacement surgeon triumphed immediately as we began the interview. Doing so, there were two prominent themes, I saw in Dr. Rajesh Maniar’s dialogue. First, he is passionate to remove the monstrosity of suffering that affects innumerable people, limiting them to actually succumb to an intolerable burden of a change for the worst by delaying procedures of joint replacement. Second, he has a strong attitude to feel a surer faith in his medical vocation. How? In the case of certain deserving people who need the joint replacement operations, Dr. Rajesh Maniar does them by contributing to the cost in many different ways. I quickly grasped, the stouthearted surgeon puts his position not to merely own a thrivingly reputed medical practice. Always, blessing humanity with his skilled care and utmost attention – especially for those who are tormented by monetary restrictions, he is far ahead in his serious reflections. Through the usefulness of his own philanthropic example, as the team leader, he goes another extra mile to pursue something remaining closer to his heart, which is, to inspire his entire medical team to assist him in operational procedures for individuals below poverty line.

Dr. Rajesh Maniar wanted to be an architect and his father desired him to be a doctor. He says fondly that he fulfilled his father’s desire with no regret at all. He remembers how the untimely death of his father not only left him devastated, but also made him muster more purpose and determination to work with focus. In his youth, itself, he notably saw the great importance of dexterity. The period of 1987 – 1990 had perpetual challenges. The gap between the problems and him marked the stepping stones for his young career.

Dr. Rajesh Maniar states with pride and humility that he has kept up with the technological advances in his field; at each stage he has shown wise discretion in adopting the right technology. Thus, today he is recognized as a Master in Computer Navigation and he shares his skills in training surgeons not only from India but also from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. He has established a wonderful team and is actively involved in various research projects and international publications. His work is known more for its quality and results rather than for a volume. His commitment to his patients is complete; overall, a patient’s care is his first priority. His name is reputed and respected amongst patients and colleagues, alike.

Career Distinctions are numerous for Dr. Rajesh Maniar. From receiving Norman Roberts Medal for best thesis at MCh Orth examinations, U.K to Live Surgical Demonstrations of Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery, Dr. Rajesh Maniar has more than 2 dozen publications in international and national journals and presentations at meetings on Joint Replacement Surgery. Operating in Mumbai at Lilavati Hospital and Breach Candy Hospital, he has performed more than 4000 surgeries in India. He has participated in ‘Operation Walk’ surgical camps for Joint Replacement at Nepal Medical College organized by Dr. Lawrence Dorr Foundation, Los Angeles, U.S.A – 2001, 2004. He is included in Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine & Health Care. His specialized training in Joint Replacement Surgeries took place in U.K, New York, Boston from 1990 to 1995.

Yes, what’s more is – when my meeting finished with Dr. Rajesh Maniar, I was thinking how one person like him has adequate influence to ‘influence’ others. Dr. Rajesh Maniar’s soft tone had the strength of a miracle-making human being.

Q 1. What has been the turning point of your life?
A. The turning point in my life was my father’s untimely death. His loss made me more focused, and more determined. I suddenly began to value what I had in life and I found myself working towards my purpose with complete dedication. Above all, I began to put into practice what he had taught me, what I believed in and gradually new doors opened, more opportunities presented and my work has brought me complete satisfaction.

Q 2. If you could go back in time, what would you want to do?
A. Even if I could go back in time, I would not want to do anything different in life.

Q 3. What are your future dreams?
A. My dream for the future is firstly to do more research in my field, there is so much to improve upon. Secondly, I want to see the miraculous surgery be within the reach of the common man. The important thing is to maintain the high quality standards. I have plans in mind where besides doing free surgeries from our side, we have a financial backup so that deserving patients are not deprived of the benefits we can offer.

The diarist Geeta Chhabra took the interview in the year 2011.

Geeta Chhabra

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