An Indian ode to the emirates
with forty poems and photographs geeta Chhabra

From The Ambassador of India to The UAE

The faithfulness of Geeta Chhabra’s verse remains the voice of a poet who has distinct respect for Indo–Arab ties. Her poem, ‘An Ode to a Bedouin’s Ancestors’, is a clear example of how she celebrates the heroic ever-living spirit of those great Emirati ancestors. In a way, Geeta Chhabra’s poems go beyond herself and that satisfies her. Through her poems, she is willing to revise her experiences as a long-term ‘resident’ of Dubai and thus, she openly shares her inner thoughts through this book. Her verses in ‘An Ode to Sheikh Saeed Maktoum’s House’, ‘An Ode to Burj Khalifa’, and ‘To Dubai – My Second Home’ show Geeta Chhabra’s sense of pride and belonging to the UAE. The poet’s emotions serve as a splendid example of building further warmth between India and the UAE. In the general level of expansion, Geeta Chhabra’s meditative poems contribute to a limitless zeal of her state wanting to evolve. Additionally, her creative work shows that she believes in peace and universal brotherhood. It is with passion and dedication that Geeta Chhabra has undertaken this venture of publishing a coffee table book and I, hereby, convey my best wishes to her.

Shri M. K. Lokesh
Ambassador of India to the UAE
Abu Dhabi, UAE
November 2011

From The Consul General Of India, Dubai

The geography and emotions of Geetaji’s poetry articulate the permanence of the immigrant’s impermanence: “Your treasures though not mine, make me rich for you.” Going beyond, this is an ode to life in the UAE and a thanksgiving. Imbibing Geetaji’s words is like having the lenses cleaned for a more vivid appreciation of the UAE experience. I consider it a privilege to pen my thoughts on Geetaji’s poetry collection – verses, which hold in their fold our common civilizational love for poetic expression. To know Geetaji is to feel the Sufi sensibilities that reside in her. Happy reading!

Shri Sanjay Verma
Consul General of India
Dubai, UAE
November 2011