An Indian ode to the emirates
with forty poems and photographs geeta Chhabra

A Word From The Poet

There is no doubt that history’s stories between India and the UAE have leveraged a strong impact on me – the sort that I can clearly trace to my childhood days. Throughout the making of this book, the distinguished Emirati poet and translator, Dr Shihab Ghanem, has played a crucial role. He has rendered the poems in Arabic with accurate consistency through his well established skills. Our friendship in parts is not an accident! Dr. Shihab Ghanem’s maternal grandfather, Mohammed Ali Lokman, was a friend of Mahatma Gandhi.

Primarily, right out of The Empty Quarter stretches the meaning of my creative venture. Importantly, the elevator remained The Empty Quarter in all its elements. The pure spirit of its ancestors, something even greater than the desert itself, supplied me with examples to play a victor in my own difficult times. This is what induced me to bring out this book. I most certainly want to share my ‘emotional high’ with people — carrying at the core the language of love, peace and brotherhood for everyone. By that, I mean, I am giving the greatest gift to myself: this book.

Geeta Chhabra