Introduction to Art

In school, the subject of History became a source of deep fascination for me. So, when marriage brought me to the scene of international travel, (and a great deal of it) a week was never a long time to spend in a museum and neither were such trips a one-way journey for me. An inexhaustible visual place to enjoy art and cultural delights, the museums became open universities of grasping and learning about master-painters, sculptors. Very soon, I began to ‘specialize’ a little in collecting Indian and European pieces of art and the first ones came in the form of paintings and crystal. Slowly but steadily, my personal equation with some senior artists in the city, fruitfully gave me rewards in terms of art-knowledge and their works.

Art exhibitions energized my understanding to deal with the vast number of artists… how they moved, what direction they took; this constant thirst virtually took a form of formal education for me. There was no looking back now. Till today, I can re-vitalize myself looking at any technique of art – it does not matter whether the eloquence is coming from a carpet, sculpture, painting or an old hand-painted tile.

Geeta Chhabra