A Hymn

The great Indian saint, Sri Sri Lahiri Mahasaya (1828 – 1895) has had a flowing influence on me.  His famous, encouraging words: banat, banat, ban jai can be literally translated as: making, making – some day we will make it.  Or, striving, striving, one day, the divine goal will be achieved.  In relevance to my faith in the saint’s wordings, I composed lyrics and the tune of this song.




Banat banat ban jayey re manva,
Banat banat ban jayey.
Jogen bano gey mein jogi,
Sadhu sangh chit laagey


Slowly and steadily, I will reach my divine goal.  I am going to become a recluse, leaving the world, as I now prefer the company of sages.


Roken haar na ab mora koye
Boya beej lalkarey
Asit mera joe tera jogi
Sahib saar hamarey.  Banat …


No one can stop me from following the spiritual path.  The seed has burst into a pod.  O, sage, yours and mine are the same goals – the Lord is our aim.


Koson door sey aye jogiya
Toon kahan sey ayo
Sapt sagar key rang hain tujh mein,
Chunri mori ranga dey.  Banat …


I have come from great distance, O, sage.  Where do you come from?  You possess the seven colours (knowledge) of the ocean.  Dye my veil with those colours.


Kaun hai Allah, kaun Ishwara,
Kartar ek sat janey,
Palak na lagey Allah-Ishwar bin
Jap tap yehi hamarey.  Banat …


Who is Allah, who is Ishwar?  God is One Truth.  I cannot sleep without the thought of God and this is my meditation.


Mira key prabhu Girdharnagar,
Bhilni key Sri Ram,
Arth, bhav morey kum nahi unsey
Sab Antaryami janey.  Banat …


Mira worshipped the divine image of Lord Krishna. Bhilni was devoted to Lord Rama.  My emotions and their meanings are not any less than of Mira and Bhilni.  God is aware of this fact.

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