At A Performance – A Devotional Song (Bhajan) – in Hindi

Lyricist: unknown

Mein Ram naam gun gaoon
Tera sahara leykar Bhagwan
Bhavsagar tar jaoon

Lord! I chant Your name in the form of ‘Ram’; with Your help, I will be able to cross the ocean of my life.

Kehtey hain kan kan mein Prabhuji,
Tera roop samaya.
Phir bhi mein Bhagwan dekh
Na paoon, kya yeh teri maya.
Mujh koe daan karo woh akheeyan
Jin sey mein darshan paoon.

Lord! It is said You are omnipresent. You are present on all levels. Yet, I am unable to see You. Please, grant me those eyes which can behold You.

Viptaa key maron ka toon hai,
Janam, janam ka saathi.
Tere naam sey roshan duniya ke
Andheyari bati.
Man mandir mein nis din Bhagwan,
Prem ki jyot jagaoon.

Whoever is in turmoil, You rescue. You are the friend during the reincarnations. Your name brings light in this dark world. Lord! I light the flame of love for You, in my heart.

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