A Ghazal Lyrics by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Aayey kuch abr kuch sharab aayey
Uske baad aayey jo azaab aayey.

Let there be clouds and wine! After that what calamity falls, it does not matter.

Bam-e-mena sey mahtab utrey
Dast-e-saki sey aftaab aayey.

From the roof of the wine decanter, the moon appears. From the hands of the wine, the sun emerges.

Har ragey khoon mein phir chiragan hon
Samne phir woh benaqab aayey.

Every blood veins lights up with lamps, when she castes off her veil from her face.

Kar raha tha gam-e-jahan ka hisab,
Aaj tum yaad behisab aayey.

When I was calculating the accounts of (grief) which I received from this world, you were prominent in my memory.

Faiz ki rah sar-b-sar manzil,
Hum jahan phunchey kamyaab aayey.

O! Faiz – at every step of my destination – as I reach, victory is all the way mine.

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