Devotional Song 2-Hindi Language Lyrics & Tune by – Geeta Chhabra

Chakri karun tau, karun mein Gopal ki,
Chakri karun tau, karun mein Gopal ki.

I will serve Gopal (the Lord) alone.

1. Guru vani sukh seekh sikaye,
    Chintamani tat tak pahunchaye,
    Man pulkit, pulkit ho jaye,
    Sarvar Prabhu mohe paar laganye
    Chakri karun …..

The Guru’s sayings take me to the Lord, and my mind is in joy.
My Lord will take me to the shores of salvation.

2. Moh, maya, sut, ghar baar hai mithya
    Mithya hai bandhan, sansaar hai mithya,
    Uchit hai taj ahankar ho rey manva,
    So jan stith jo tayag apnaey.
    Chakri karun …..

Worldly attachment, its wealth, a son, the family are all a dream and delusion.
All relationships and the world is delusion.
The best to do is to give up ego.
The person who is firm on detachment will be strong.

3. Sahas sahayak Guru Gobinda,
    Guru Gobinda, Guru Gobinda,
    Jab is baat kay rut lag jayey,
    Vanchit jeevan tar ho jaye.
    Chakri karun …..

Guru Gobind – my Lord is everything for me.
When this fact becomes a conviction – my life will be green and enlightened.

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