Devotional Song – 5
Hindi Language
(Lyrics & Tune by – Geeta Chhabra)

Guru aye hain (2) aangan hamarey Prabhuji,
soye bhag hain (2) jagey hamarey Prabhuji,
Guru aye hain.


  1. Bhar, bhar lochan barsat akhien sey (2)
    prem puhar hai (2) nis din lagey Prabhuji,
    Guru aye hain.

  3. Guru gyan bin mein moorakh mandi (2)
    chit sadhu sangh (2) bandhey hai dhagey Prabhuji,
    Guru aye hain.

  5. Guru vani amrit ras sagar (2)
    tatt aap key (2) safal phunchaye Prabhuji,
    Guru aye hain.

  7. Guru vachan anmol rattan dhan (2)
    maha mantra (2) ka jaap japaey, Prabhuji,
    Guru aye hain.

  9. Guru prasad sohi jan pavey (2)
    jis pey aap (2) dayaloo ho jayen, Prabhuji,
    Guru aye hain.


Translation of the Hindi Devotional Song – 5


God Almighty!
The guru has entered my house,
To awaken my fate.


My eyes are filled with tears,
Every day, the rain of love is continuous.


Without the knowledge from the guru,
I am a market of ignorance.
My heart’s cord is binding
With the sage’s company.


The guru’s words are an ocean of elixir.
His words will take me to Your destination.


The guru’s sermon is like rare and precious gems.
The sermon leads me to more knowledge and light.


The guru’s prasad (blessing) is received by
Only those – on whom You are bountiful! Almighty God!

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