Music is life-mantra to me

Music is life-mantra to me. From the view point of music, I vastly enjoy the benefits of Western and Indian music. Even with my limited knowledge, the notes ( vocal or instrumental ) become the first of all to connect me in plenty with the plenty!

In large numbers, old Indian films songs are evergreen to touch my latent emotions. For me, Church music becomes the best as does the immortal waltz composition of 1866, The Blue Danube, by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss II. I can hear this piece a thousand times more.

Elvis Presley’s : Are you lonesome tonight is a favourite boat to take me across to my beautiful college days in Shimla, India. Coming to instrumental music, I can grow in joy listening to Richard Claydon on the piano. Pandit ShivKumar Sharma’s style of performing on the ‘santoor’ is like racing my stamina in a calm manner.

I could flip back my memory’s lane with evidence of having completely enjoyed Opera performances in Europe. But, don’t ask me the Italian and French titles!

A paper in the Journal of Advanced Nursing cites that music can reduce chronic pain by up to 21%. According to the American Music Conference (AMC), research unfolds that studying and creating music may help improve your capacity to learn other subjects and get better grades overall.

I’ll say to myself : In pain or in delight – let music flow on to nurture the soul.

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