Amongst Special Memories...


Looking ahead for a rosy dawn…
At Dhan Pada, Nasik-Maharashtra – Geeta Chhabra gets a warm welcome from the tribal women on 11th June 2014.

Geeta Chhabra having a dialogue with the tribal people of Dhan Pada. Rajendar Sonawane proves to be a valuable translator!

(From Left to Right) Ved Chhabra – chairman-Inter Ocean Group, His Excellency M.K. Lokesh – Indian Ambassador to the UAE, Geeta Chhabra, Ian Fairservice – managing partner and group editor of Motivate Publishing.

(From Left to Right) Bharat Butaney – president IBPC-Dubai, His Excellency M.K. Lokesh, Ian Fairservice, Geeta Chhabra, Jan Fairservice, Vibha Bakshi – producer/director of social documentaries.

(From Left to Right) Emilie El Jaouhari-Motivate Publishing, Geeta Chhabra – poet-author, Carmel Rosato-LitFest, John Deykin-Motivate Publishing.

(From Left to Right) Manisha Dutt-LitFest, Georgina Walsh-LitFest, Geeta Chhabra – poet/author.