Consolidated Memories of my Recent Trips to India.


A family gathering over a lovely lunch at Pomi & Subhash Khanna’s residence.
(From Left to Right standing) – Santok Kalra, Subhash Khanna, Neera Mehra, Shukla Khanna, Veena Kalra & Geeta Chhabra.
(From Left to Right seated) – Aarti Khanna, Sharda Kapur & Pomi Khanna.

A fun family-get-together at Sharda Kapur’s residence.
(From Left to Right) – Anu Khanna, Ritu Kapur, Payal Wadhwa, Geeta Chhabra, Neera Mehra & Santok Kalra.

Re-connecting with family bonds.
(From Left to Right) – Ved Chhabra, Geeta Chhabra, Sunila Khurana & Shashi Khurana.

An outing with family members.
(From Left to Right) – Devinder Khanna, Geeta Chhabra & Sanjiv Khanna.

Great news! Roshan is well now! Roshan, the village boy has fully recovered from bone disorder.
(From Left to Right) – Roshan, Varun Bakshi, Geeta Chhabra & Vir Bakshi.