EKAL & Mr. B’s Sixth Sense Event held in India Club-Dubai on 24th September 2015.


All smiles and ready for more smiles!
S.P. Jain, Kailash Mutha, Geeta Chhabra & Sameer Mawani.

The response was good… the audience was lively.
Among the audience is: Harshad R. Mehta, Bharat Kumar R. Jhaveri, Mrs. Bharat Kumar Jhaveri, Mrs. Naina Mehta & Ms. Shital Jhaveri.

This is a Selfie?! It is a good Selfie…
Geeta Chhabra with Dr. Mark S. Schnitzer and his spouse Denise.

Guest of Honour – Bharat Kumar Jhaveri looks at EKAL Team Members as they are being photographed. Harshad R. Mehta & Bharat Kumar Shah can be seen in the photo with Geeta Chhabra and others – including, Harshad R. Mehta’s two little grandsons Arhaan & Jehan Mehta.