Festive Time with Family in Dubai in October 2019


Festive Time! Diwali Time 2019!
(From Left to Right) – Geeta Chhabra, Eesha Chhabra, Samira Chhabra, Ved Chhabra, Vir Bakshi, Varun Bakshi, Vibha Bakshi and Vrinda Chhabra.

Geeta-Ved Chhabra with Our Buddies!
(From Left to Right) – Geeta Chhabra, Samira Chhabra, Ved Chhabra, Varun Bakshi, Vir Bakshi and Eesha Chhabra.

Diwali Party at the residence of Bubbles & Surender Kandhari in Dubai-UAE.
(From Left to Right) – Mrs. Vipul with daughter, Mr. Vipul Vipul-India’s Consul General to UAE, Bubbles Kandhari, Vibha Bakshi, Surender Kandhari and Geeta Chhabra.

Family Photo, at Diwali night in Dubai.
(From Left to Right) – Vishal Bakshi, Vibha Bakshi, Eesha Chhabra, Vir Bakshi, Geeta Chhabra, Ved Chhabra, Vrinda Chhabra, Samira Chhabra and Varun Bakshi.

The fabulous view for the happy smiles at Diwali time! From our balcony…
(From Left to Right) – Vishal Bakshi, Varun Bakshi, Eesha Chhabra, Geeta Chhabra, Vir Bakshi, Vibha Bakshi, Valerie Pinto and Samira Chhabra.

Family-Fun Meal!
(From left to Right) – Eesha Chhabra, Varun Bakshi, Samira Chhabra and Vir Bakshi at a Mall in Dubai.

Women Power!
(From Left to Right) – Eesha Chhabra, Vibha Bakshi, Geeta Chhabra and Samira Chhabra.

By the beach… watching the waves!
(From Left to Right) – Vir Bakshi, Eesha Chhabra, Varun Bakshi, Ved Chhabra and Samira Chhabra.

Post Diwali Pooja… Happy Diwali!