Geeta Chhabra participates at Career Fair of Emirates International School – Meadows, Dubai, held on 18th October 2017.


Students of Grade 8 with Geeta Chhabra. The group discussed Human Services as a pathway for their career.

There were several questions asked by eager students. These students are from Grade 8.

The interaction with students was very enthusiastic.

Grade 8 students with Geeta Chhabra after a group discussion on the topic of Human Services – as a career.

Students of Grade 8 with Geeta Chhabra and Deputy Principal, Steven Hughes. Geeta Chhabra interacted with students from many different countries – India, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Pakistan, USA, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Sri Lanka. Cheers & Kudos to Dubai!

Grade 8 students with Afiyah Sanghar (English teacher) and Geeta Chhabra.

Geeta Chhabra with Afiyah Sanghar, Tom Broderick and James Mcgrath – teachers of Emirates International School-Meadows. Geeta Chhabra’s books will be a part of their school library!

Grade 9 students exchanging the pathway for their future.
Geeta Chhabra discussed with students how Human Services can be a good choice for their career.

A very purposeful dialogue between Grade 9 students and Geeta Chhabra.
The scope of Human Services was discussed from different angles and, how it can be a promising career for students.

Aman Patnaik of Grade 10 with his parents and Geeta Chhabra expressed his own ideas on Human Services.

Students of Grade 11 interacting with Geeta Chhabra. They had keen questions on skills, book writing, hobbies. Geeta Chhabra explored the practical potentials of Human Services as one of the choices for career planning.

Students of Grade 11 and Geeta Chhabra for a photo moment after a mutual dialogue on Human Services.

Geeta Chhabra with Colleen Menichini – Careers Counselor of Emirates International School-Meadows, Dubai-UAE.