Shri Ravi Dev Gupta delivering lectures on Vedic principals at Ved Sansthan in New Delhi-India.


Ravi Dev Gupta delivering a lecture in Delhi based on Vedic principles. He is an accomplished speaker.

At the Arya Samaj, Saiket-Delhi where Ravi Dev Gupta was lecturing,
Geeta Chhabra made a brief mention of universal harmony, and the noble link of the Al Maktoum Foundation in supporting EKAL Vidyalaya Foundation of India.

Geeta Chhabra with Arya Samaj members at Saiket-Delhi. Ravi Dev Gupta (2nd from right) gave a good sermon based on Vedic principles. Premilla Nayar is on (extreme right). Geeta Chhabra is holding her book of Hindi poems.