Trip to Delhi in September 2016


Ravi Dev Gupta delivering a lecture based on Vedic principles. He is an accomplished speaker.

At the Arya Samaj, Saiket-Delhi,
Geeta Chhabra made a brief mention of universal harmony, and the noble link of the Al Maktoum Foundation in supporting EKAL Vidyalaya Foundation of India.

Poetess Premilla Nayar presenting her book to Geeta Chhabra

Geeta Chhabra with Arya Samaj members at Saiket-Delhi.
Ravi Dev Gupta (2nd from right) gave a good sermon based on Vedic principles. Premilla Nayar is on (extreme right). Geeta Chhabra is holding her book of Hindi poems.

Family Bonds! In Delhi.

Geeta Chhabra with her nephew, Rajiv Khanna.

Geeta Chhabra with her niece, Pammi Wig.

Geeta Chhabra with her extended family at DLF Golf Club – Gurgaon.
(From Left to Right) Rajiv Khanna, Geeta Chhabra, Devinder Khanna, Shivani Khanna & Sanjiv Khanna.

Ujala Bedi, Geeta Chhabra and Nehal Das

Ujala Bedi with Geeta Chhabra