United Nations International Day of Peace observed in Gurudwara in Jebel Ali-Dubai on 20th September 2015.


Observing International Peace Day…
Indian Ambassador to UAE-His Excellency T.P. Seetharam and his spouse, Deepa Seetharam kneeling to receive blessings at the sacred altar of Guru Nanak Darbar-Dubai.

Surender Singh Kandhari-chairman of Guru Nanak Darbar-Dubai, welcomed His Excellency T.P. Seetharam and Mrs. Deepa Seetharam along with the mixed gathering of men and women – to show solidarity towards universal peace and greater understanding.

Imbibing the spirit of International Peace Day – people joined Surender Kandhari and His Excellency T.P. Seetharam to hear devotional hymns at Guru Nanak Darbar-Dubai.

Surender Kandhari presented a Saropa (the highest honour accorded in a Gurudwara) to His Excellency T.P. Seetharam on International World Peace Day.