An Unforgettable Knowledge-Tour of Fish Aquarium, followed by Lebanese Lunch.
Venue: Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

My Special Guests! For me, it was a special treat to be with you! Ramadan Kareem!

(From Left to Right) – Yuvraj from Nepal, Nizamuddin from Bangladesh, Geeta Chhabra, Binu Prabhakar from South India, Mostak Ahmad from Bangladesh, Mohammed Zabed from Bangladesh.

Yuvraj is the premiere bread-winner for his entire family. By profession, he is a cleaner. Nizamuddin dreamt of excelling in the world of sports on state-level. By profession, he is a cleaner.

Binu Prabhakar is a supervisor in a residential building. He is a diligent worker. Mostak Ahmad has passed his SSC Examination. By profession, he is a cleaner. Mohammed Zabed drives intelligently. By profession, he is a driver.