A Farewell Evening for Dr. Saroj Thapa at Mr. & Mrs. Sudhakar Murthy's Residence on 29th January, 2011

(From Left to Right – Standing) – Nisha Thomas, Sudhakar Murthy, Madhavi Murthy.
(From Left to Right – Sitting) – Janis Jones, Saroj Thapa, Shobha Hiremath, Kusum Dutta, Geeta Chhabra, Jyothi Kapoor.
People are the soul of a place. When one moves constantly like some of us do, it is difficult to connect and feel settled unless and until you get to meet the people who make that place come alive. You, my friends, have been just that. You made me feel at home in Dubai. From our readings and discussions, our friendship and sharing, our forays into spirituality, music, and nature, and our respect for all diverse cultures, values, and thoughts, I have grown as a person in your midst. And as I leave I just want to say 'Thank You'.

Dr. Saroj Thapa
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