It’s good news for India!

According to the figures maintained by the Union Science and Technology Ministry in New Delhi, the reverse brain drain has happened from USA, Germany and Britain. Scientists have also started coming from South Korea and Japan. T. Ramasami, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology said, ‘About 500 scientists have come back from abroad and are working in institutions across the country’.

Credit is due to the Indian Government for the several schemes run by it – which are encouraging scientists and engineers of Indian origin to come back to India to take up scientific research positions.

Around 500 scientists returned in the last 7 years – only six went back. Finally, the brain drain appears to be reversing.

The Ramanujan Fellowship, Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (Inspire) Programme, and the Ramalingaswamy Fellowship are among those that provide a platform to scientists to return and work in India.

An internal analysis by the ministry shows that the reasons for scientists to return to India are: tough competition abroad, better research opportunities in India, love of work for the motherland, and the general aim to contribute to science. Family obligations was another reason that attracted them to return back home.

Geeta Chhabra

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