My Letter to God

O, Almighty,


I wish! You could hold me by my ears, by my fingers... and show me the true meaning of Your name.


O, One God with many names: You are Allah... You are Ishvara... You are God for my understanding. Well, according to my heart, I would dry up the ink of the Universe describing You!


My Lord, from sundown to sunrise, a very dominant thought sits on me like a dark cloud. 


I am disappointed and disturbed to see the world wrecked by hatred and conflict. Nations are destroying each other. People of all ages are suffering and dying due to no fault of theirs.


Otherwise, too, families and nations have forgotten to behave like humans.  There is an ongoing bedlam of sorts.  Animals are keeping up a fair run by the amount of grace they are displaying. 


Please gather good leaders, good people in great strong strengths to diffuse the warring clans. Let Your healing touch prevail upon every single soul to carry Your true message of love, peace and universal harmony. Please make everyone worthy enough to pursue Your cause.

I have attempted to convey the bulk feeling of many others. 

Among those who feel like me – they are on all Your continents.


Yours forever, 

Geeta Chhabra


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