A Sparkling Gem – The 40th Year of UAE Formation

The Spirit of the Union, celebrating the 40th year of UAE formation is in the air! In parts, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are looking like fairylands decorated with flags and lights. I am quite sure, the other Sheikhdoms of the Emirates are displaying the same features of pictorial solidarity.

As the minarets used for the ‘azan’ share their punctuality with the hours’ prayers – seminars after seminars are showing off the heritage of UAE by the way of multifaceted aspects. One such seminar on “Arab-Indo Relations through the Ages in History, Art & Culture” (with special emphasis on UAE) took place in Abu Dhabi on 22nd – 23rd November, 2011 at Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel. Under the royal patronage of Sultan Bin Zayed’s Cultural and Media Centre & Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi, the event was brilliant from top to toe. Welcome address by – H. E. Mr. Habib Al Sayegh (Director General, Sultan Bin Zayed’s Cultural & Media Centre) and address by – H. E. Mr. M. K. Lokesh (Ambassador of India to UAE) were endowed by interesting facts of history.

At the seminar, distinguished delegates from India, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Sharjah brought out the salient features of how the Arabs came in contact with India. Depending upon their specific fields of research, the international scholars took the audience to an elevated position while reflecting on the historical and cultural ties between the Arabs and Indians. Their pioneering research work on trade routes, architecture, cuisine, music and poetry is precious treasure for our present generation.

The subject areas were widely logical to connect us all with our heritage. Especially, today, more than ever, we ought to treat our heritage, our history like sacred temples of learning and exploring. Too much is at stake at losing our basic, true values today. The semblance of this seminar seemingly told me so…

I wish, more people had come to the event and regaled on what I am regaling up to now! Thanks to the entire team of contributors. Live on!

Geeta Chhabra

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