My Pre-Launch Address for the book: Maritime Chapters, UAE Sailing Across OCEANS – at the IMarEST Annual Christmas Party in Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai, UAE on 5th December 2013

Respected Chairman of IMarEST, Mr. David Short, esteemed committee members of IMarEST, Sapna Rao and Shekhar Rao of MAC Advertising, lovely friends and people, it is a matter of great honor for me to be speaking here.

On this occasion, my spouse, Ved Chhabra – founder & chairman of Inter Ocean sends his warmest regards from Mumbai – to the august gathering present here.

The great contribution and influence of maritime fraternity has flourished through centuries. While the mighty wide oceans have reigned over mankind, the voyaging of ships of all kinds and of all sizes has dazzled history. Keen mariners and brave explorers yield an account till today of their continuous quests.

All nations of the world have an account of their oceangoing achievements to narrate. This holds for UAE, too. Considering the evidence, UAE has come a long way to become a very modern seafaring hub of nautical activity. We will not forget moments of Ibn Battuta and Wilfred Thesiger for their service to society. Similarly, tonight we are joined in a great cause – I am so privileged to show my own unity of purpose. In my view, every marine engineer in this room, or elsewhere is a hero!

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for inviting me to be associated with this event and the forthcoming book:
Maritime Chapters
UAE – Sailing Across Oceans

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