Guru-Disciple Bonding on Skype... Now!
(The Economic Times, Mumbai, Thursday, 11th August 2011)

The article Sa Re Ga Ma… Skype Music Knows No Borders!

What I gathered from the article is:
  1. Skype Music is becoming popular by the way that some experts are teaching music to students who enroll with them.
  2. Carnatic musicians (Southern India), are now teaching the know-how of raagas to foreign students on Facebook, You Tube and other social media.
  3. As an example, Vaidyanathan Suresh is teaching his students ghatam on Skype. Suresh, 45, has already taught 50 foreign students from Lithuania to Japan. Fifteen foreign students are enrolled with him now. He started with the idea for himself in 2002.

Some vocalists like T. M. Krishna, 35, one of the most prominent of the new generation vocalists, says that he fails to understand why we always need a short-cut to learning an art form.

A trip back in time – we had the guru-shishya relationship in the Gurukuls. I guess, we have to change with time.

Geeta Chhabra

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