They – The Great Masters…
We – The Great Householders…

Life is full of twists and turns. Every day dawns upon us as a new mysterious way of unfolding. 


The great masters wrote all the time – anointed by the space that had been allotted to them to walk on earth. They left us with their knowledge, their experiences dealing with boundless trials.


The great masters have also shared how they overcame their turbulent journeys. 

We are householders with a different vocational training and duties. Our life is complex.  We are no less bound than the great masters! We, too, are shackled with trials.  All the more reason – why our day to day actions and activities have to be similar in spirit ...  to the likes of the great masters. Why not? Why not?


I am not in a state of vanity pronouncing these words. 


I believe, through our ardent faith and prayer... we can achieve the balances that the great masters possessed. 


What are the balances?
We are the balances. Yes. We are the balances. 
My "inner being"... the heart and mind are the balances.


When my heart and mind flutter and flap, they lose the balances... and I go berserk with negativity.


The balances are: I can pray joyfully to the extent... when practice of prayer becomes like a form of natural breathing. One apparent sign is... I can pray for the whole universe, and in doing so feel cleansed and blessed, personally.  Another conspicuous sign is when I can eliminate my grudging mood, and forgive those who might have hurt me... consciously or unconsciously. 

Personally, sometimes I win. Sometimes, I stumble. 

Geeta Chhabra


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