Making The Difference

Today is the day! A brave enterprising world is emerging in India – where women are promising to make their individual contributions towards society through their own original ideas.

Joined to the hip with F.T.S. (Friends of Tribal Society of India) & EKAL, Mahila Samiti-Mumbai is a ladies wing which spreads awareness of social responsibilities in various ways – throughout the year. The members hold events to create a bond between different levels of people. Programmes are held to felicitate teachers; children participate in creative activity of essay-writing, painting, ‘rangoli’ competitions where they are awarded merit certificates.

The karyakartas (field workers) affiliated with F.T.S. & EKAL’s educational progammes are applauded for their dedicated work through Mahila Samiti’s sentiments – every year.

The ladies group also celebrates festivals to raise cultural awareness – which is so necessary to nurture national pride among the citizens!

Mahila Samiti-Mumbai Chapter started 7 years back, and presently has 85 energetic members. The basic idea of the members is to create a better connectivity with the ground level workers who are helping to put F.T.S. & EKAL’s educational programmes to function smoothly in the remote parts of India.

Kindly click on to view a photograph of some of the members belonging to Mahila Samiti. In the month of May 2014 Geeta Chhabra attended a meeting of Mahila Samiti at Smt. Uma Pachisia’s residence through the kind invitation of Smt. Nayantara Jain.

Geeta Chhabra

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