‘It’s like feeling to be new’

- Ved Chhabra

We received quite a few emails from our readers, entrusting me to furnish more facts connected with the successful knee joint replacement of my husband which took place very recently in Mumbai, India.

I am giving the basic endorsements of our experience. Otherwise, who will not know: recovering from a major surgery is affected to such an extent by more than several factors; there is not one of them that can be overlooked. Similarly, prior to any procedure – the surgeon-in-charge will only give his approving nod – provided his patient’s evaluations are matching healthy medical parameters. Realizing that the ailment of worn cartilage is strongly linked with the passage of age mostly – therefore, we cannot summon the yard-stick of pristine health. However, where all of us will achieve the rewards of medical advancement is by giving great importance to our general health – seven-days-of-the-week – all 365 days of the year! Staying fit should become a way of living, so to say. A continuous pattern of unhealthy lifestyle, impatient diet regimes, lack of physical exercise, neglecting a spiritual routine (apart from our occupational hazards) are enough causes to send us off marching to hospital clinics. None of us need a medical background to realize that the perfect key to staying fit is to act upon remaining fit!

To give one typical example – human nature is such, unless a person suffers a cardiac arrest, he doesn’t seem to understand the importance of fitness. On the same wave length – if a person is unfit, an operation such as knee joint replacement could be delayed for an uncertain period of time; the delay itself will invite a host of other problems for the said person.

Post-surgery, next in line of importance was the part of Physiotherapy. This involved my interaction between the physiotherapist and my husband. Since Physiotherapy has many specialities – for the knee joint replacement, there were exact settings of exercises connected in strengthening the patient’s foot, calf, thigh, lower back muscles. Again, like the selection of the surgeon, the selection of a physiotherapist was absolutely crucial. Extended care should be taken by a family member to ‘understand’ the exercise-chart and assist the patient to perform the routine correctly and regularly.

In the main, my husband’s comment after receiving a new knee joint is: ‘It’s like feeling to be new’.

Geeta Chhabra

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