A Universal Curse

In our present day society, there is a whole generation of upper-class-brats being raised at a terrifying speed. The brats are children who have been cursed systematically by the influence of getting ‘too much, too quickly, too easily’, from their over-indulgent short-sighted parents.

Part of the pattern is that everything is laid out for the above category of youngsters like a banquet; very exacting routine of the banquet is that it is never ending! Day after day is piled in giving the kids enjoyment and amusement of extravagance. I know of very common situations arising where the lifestyle of a seven year old comes with the announcements of his birthday party guaranteeing a princely event for the kid’s buddies and their nannies. Treated as equals to be majorly impressed – how can mama’s sahelis – friends, be left out! Worst of the excess is the gullible sahelis falling in the same trap of totally mimicking the absurd conduct of the hostess. ‘We will splash a better theme for our sons and daughters beating at every turn this party’. It is a silent vow they take in a flash. Pronto! To sign the declaration, the sahelis will now begin to plan out every detail savouring on the negative form of competition…

Geeta Chhabra

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