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Query – Nisha Thomas from Dubai asked, referring to the Prose-Piece – The Story of Free Will (November Issue 2010). Nisha Thomas states: I think, acts of calamities planned, plotted and executed by humans are definitely not acts of God. In this case the verdict that descends can never be unexpected. But, tell me, is karma, God? If so, then may be some verdicts descend unexpected. Please share your thoughts on this with me. Thanks!

Answer – Nisha, though God is Creator of all creativity – karma is what each of us make for ourselves through our thoughts and actions. Not only that, karma (our actions) will prevail to balance our account of deeds and thought. Therefore, though it may seem to us that verdicts descend unexpectedly – verdicts are actually bound by the cause-and-effect theory. The karmic chain of our past, present and future cannot escape the discipline of the Cosmic Order. Like individuals, families, groups, including nations also carry the assets and liabilities of their mass-karmas.

Geeta Chhabra

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