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You may possibly think it quite unnecessary to see a doctor for a regular health checkup. You may possibly drop the idea over another priority.

Why do we like to abandon the name of hospital as a thoroughly disagreeable place? The common tradition of a health checkup is usually pursued when a persistent condition of unease develops. This should not be so.

I tell myself: love yourself. Love your well being. Love your kidneys, your heart. Love your teeth and your eyes. Love your bones. Love your self-reliance. Respect your doctor’s advice.

What does a good doctor do for you? Such a doctor is a healer and an educator. He actually nurtures your emotional strength by making you physically well… provided you co-operate with his guidance. I’ve always seen that an extra investigation, a regular vigilance definitely offer us leases of great quality life.

It’s a bad idea to leave your health matters on the delay mode, or on a guessing spree. Frittering time away discussing one’s ailments randomly with non-medical persons cannot lighten the burden of your problem. By that, we are actually multiplying our problems.

When there is reward of tremendous medical advancement, all the more, it is vital to listen and learn from an experienced and reputed doctor.

Thanks to Mumbai doctors, those I know quite well, for their enlightenment – in terms of sharp diagnosis. That’s what good doctors are about! An equal thanks to my Dubai doctors, too. My doctors are like good, caring shepherds! Long live the medical fraternity…

Geeta Chhabra

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